Mr. Geoff Shenk

Mr. Geoff Shenk

Chief Revenue Officer


Geoffrey Shenk has a 25+ year proven track record of consistently building and leading growth for technology startups that have included Disney, Ziff Davis, DoubleClick/Google, Kenshoo, Salesforce, Acquisio, and many others. Geoff has been focusing on companies that are transforming the healthcare industry through innovation as he sees an industry that needs change.

Honesty, integrity, industry knowledge, combined with forging long-lasting relationships enabled his world-class teams to succeed. Creating and demonstrating the right business culture set the groundwork for healthy and sustainable growth. In 2011 he began transitioning into investing and advisory roles and has been leveraging his experience and relationships to drive these new companies forward with building the right culture, growth strategies, and revenue generation through value driven relationships.

He is happily married with 4 great kids. He moved his family from Silicon Valley to Austin Texas in 2017.

He’s blessed and excited to change the world, one person, company, deal, and investment at a time.