Dr. Boris Fain, Ph.D.



  • UC Berkeley, BA Mathematics and Physics

  • UCLA, Ph.D., Physics

  • Stanford University, Sloan Fellow

Boris Fain

Dr. Fain joined the lab of Dr. Michael Levitt as a Sloan Fellow at Stanford University focusing on cancer diagnostics and protein folding. He then continued his biotech work improving biological mathematical algorithms as a senior scientist for Celera and then as a consultant at Affymetrix before joining Dr. Roger Kornberg as head of computing at Co-Crystal Discovery. Co-Crystal was focused on small molecule inhibitors of viral polymerases.

  • CSO/CTO of the computational company InterX, Inc. The goal of InterX is to perform biochemical simulations with chemical accuracy, where computation and experiment agree to within 0.5 kcal/Mol. InterX uses Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Computational, Bio- and Organic Chemistry to derive rules of biochemical interactions. It then uses these rules to predict the properties and behavior of complex systems to help solve real-world problems in Pharmaceutical Ligand design, Biochemistry and Materials Science. InterX is fortunate to have three Nobel Laureates (Roger Kornberg, Michal Levitt and Arieh Warshel) as the SAB and management team.

  • U.S. patent on using multiple biomarkers to diagnose cancer. Currently working with Diagnose Early to help commercialize this patent and the related cancer diagnostics.