Diagnose Early

For Cancer, Infectious Diseases,  and Neurological Diseases

About Diagnose Early

Founded by a Nobel Prize-winning team including a Stanford M.D./Ph.D., a Nobel Laureate, and a Harvard Business School/UW Madison Engineer who came together through a shared vision of improving patient outcomes with innovative and early, non-invasive detection of biomarkers for cancer, neurological diseases, and infectious diseases.

At Diagnose Early, our mission is to reduce human suffering and provide valuable healthcare insights by performing non-invasive rapid testing of patients for high demand, mass-market diseases.  Our customers are large scale healthcare providers.  We leverage cutting edge technology for our customers to support difficult-to-resolve healthcare conditions on a massive scale. We produce massive volumes of data that support the development of breakthrough interventional therapeutics for the diseases we diagnose.     

Meet the Team

Chris Wheeler
Founder & CEO

Stacey Niermann
Corporate Development

Dr. Karl-Magnus Larsson, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Al Brooke – Clinical Affairs

Dr. Albert Brooks - M.D.
Clinical Affairs

Dr. Christopher Lock, M.D., Ph.D.,

Alyson B. Mullen Regulatory Affairs

Alyson B. Mullen
Regulatory Affairs

Proud Member

Of The Stanford University



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